Emissions Reduction Summit – Melbourne 2019

Corporate Australia was well represented with 75 sponsors among the 600 plus attendees. They included BHP, QANTAS, ANZ, Westpac, Mac Bank, Comm Bank, GHD, EY, Orica, Woodside, Origin Energy, BP, Shell, NAPCO, Aboriginal, and Maori Carbon Funds plus some very big investment houses and banking divisions. One, AllianceBernstein has $1 trillion under management and is looking for good projects . Others included Green Alpha Advisors. George Wilson attended the 6th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit organised by the Carbon Market Institute

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Snake skin trade

Banning exotic leather in fashion hurts snakes and crocodiles in the long run Yellow anaconda (snake) skins pegged to dry by indigenous people in Argentina. Tomas Waller, Author provided Daniel Natusch, Macquarie University; Grahame Webb, Charles Darwin University, and Rick Shine, University of Sydney We are all familiar with the concept of “fake news”: stories that are factually incorrect, but succeed because their message fits well with the recipient’s prior beliefs. We and our colleagues in conservation science warn that

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Kangaroo welfare is in free-fall.

A video released in Feb 2019 backs calls for current wastage to be minimised and the benefits of sustainable use of kangaroos realised. With colleagues from interstate, we are appalled at what has been allowed to happen. There has been strong political reaction to media interest in the state of outback fish and rivers. The response is driven by recognition of the value of the resource, not only cultural but also economic. There should be a similar concern about what

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Kangaroo welfare article in Canberra Times

An article in Canberra Times describes our paper in Australian Zoologist on the rise of kangaroo populations that then crash during droughts. It presents the case for sustainable population objectives and harvest. 

Professional versus amateur kangaroo population control

When professional control diminishes, killing of kangaroos does not stop; amateur shooting increases.  Kangaroos in drought starve through over population. Regulators cannot monitor the number of kangaroos killed nor ensure high standards of dispatch of animals.  Kangaroo industry is taking only a tiny percentage of the population, and populations fluctuate due to drought.  These are the findings of study by George Wilson and Melanie Edwards in an article published by the Royal Zoological Society of NSW on the topic of professional amateur kangaroo

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Australian Peoples’ Tribunal For Community and Nature’s Rights

2018 Public Inquiry into the Impact of Industrial Scale Agriculture on Australia’s Ecosystems and Local Communities. George Wilson was invited to appear before the Tribunal in Brisbane on 27 October 2018. The Tribunal holds Public Inquiries and hears Ecological Justice Cases, brought on behalf of flora, fauna, ecosystems, bioregions and local communities around Australia. As a ‘citizen’s tribunal’ the Peoples Tribunal is not a government endorsed activity nor do any of its activities, decisions or recommendations have the force of

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Kangaroo management in crisis – desperate graziers erect cluster fences

Graziers are erecting kangaroo-proof fences around groups of properties and lowering kangaroo numbers through various means, most of which have poor animal welfare and biodiversity outcomes.  George Wilson argues in a paper to the 2018 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference in Brisbane that a stronger kangaroo industry will reverse this trend, improve sustainability and reduce wastage.   The kangaroo harvesting industry is currently declining largely due to animal rights campaigns. In recent years less than 20% of the annual quota has been

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Brumbies in Kosciusko National Park

The NSW Government has protected brumbies in the Kosciusko National Park. Brumbies numbers are already too high. The proposed management dangerously reckless policy that will escalate environmental impacts, increase costs of feral horse management, and put horses at risk of extreme suffering, according to members of the Ecological Society of Australia. Sign the NCC urgent petition to Premier Berejiklian calling on her to protect the iconic Snowy Mountains.  I had the privilege of being in Ecuador recently. We visited Cotopaxi National Park.

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Improving kangaroo management

Lecture at University of Canberra on improving kangaroo management  Friday 11 May, 11:30am – 12:30pm 1A21 (UC Theatre, next to Mizzuna Cafe) More details and a synopsis of talk at link

Carbon Summit 2018

The fifth Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit 2018 was attended by George Wilson in Melbourne on the 1-2 May. The Summit brought together 550 delegates, MPs, corporate sponsors and project de velopers active in the carbon market. While there was a particular focus on energy efficiency and alternative energy generation, carbon farming activities were recognised as playing a critical role in contributing to Australia’s efforts to achieve 2030 emissions reduction target of 26-28% on 2005 levels. After the first five Emissions Reduction

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