Buffalo and Carbon Farming Opportunities

AWS has conducted a preliminary assessment of a buffalo and pig control project in Arnhem Land to determine if it is both feasible and cost-effective under the Australian Government Carbon Farming Initiative. We have determined it could generate significant revenues for landowners and the Indigenous Rangers conducting the project.Our analysis advocates that Indigenous Protected Area managers proceed with an emission reduction project. Removal of  buffalo could generate an income which would more than cover the costs of the control operation. Benefiting from subsequent carbon sequestration is more complex; monitoring and measurement are expensive and time consuming but the income is substantially larger.

The proposed Australian Government Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund is dedicated to helping Indigenous communities enter the carbon market. Details of this program are not yet available and success in obtaining funds will take time. In the mean time Indigenous landholders have the option of proceeding with commercial investors. Doing so would enable the project to continue quickly but at a cost to the size of eventual returns for carbon units sold.

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  • This sounds very promising, especially for NT landholders who currently do not have a statutory responsibility to manage feral pests. Does AWS have plans to submit a methodology to the CFI on similar grounds to what the Camel methodology has been based? If so it would be good to have methodologies for all large feral herbivores, including brumbies and donkeys.

  • It would seem the intent of the CFI program is for indigenous landholders to be in such a position. AWS is ready to assist where we can.

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