Angas Downs IPA

Angas Downs Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) is an Indigenous-owned 320,500-hectare (1,237 sq mi) pastoral lease, within the MacDonnell Shire area, 300 km south-west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 135 km east from Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park (Ayers Rock), 100 km south-east of Kings Canyon/Watarrka National Park and 40 km from Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse on the Lasseter Highway.

It was declared and formally recognized as an Indigenous Protected Area as part of the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country scheme on 10 June 2009. The property forms part of Australia’s National Reserve System.

Anangu Rangers work on the property on conservation and land management tasks, see 10 minute video Their work program is based on Kuka Kanyini, ‘looking after game animals’.

A plan of management was prepared by the members of the community with support from Australian Wildlife Services. It draws on traditional land management practices and sets out priorities for scientists and wildlife managers to work with Anangu from Imanpa to increase kuka (game), control ferals and protect cultural sites and the environment. The plan of management listens to what the elders want for their country and combines it with science that is respectful of Anangu knowledge, culture and important sites. Copies can be downloaded from Australian Wildlife Services’ publication lists.

Australian Wildlife Services provides ongoing scientific support to Angas Downs IPA. We work closely with the Imanpa community and Anangu Rangers on a range of fronts including environmental/biodiversity monitoring, aerial surveys, funding applications, reporting, cultural and historical documentation, providing and organising training and education opportunities, developing tourism opportunities, ensuring delivery on Anangu land management aspirations, for example, more kuka (game) species and re-introducing the emu and conservation outcomes.

Recent Activities

Recent activies on Angas Downs include:

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Further Information

For further information visit Angas Downs Indigenous Protected Area. A short video produced by Australian Wildlife Services of the progress on Angas Downs IPA can be viewed here.


The following AWS publications relate to Angas Downs IPA: