Co-Production of Livestock and kangaroos

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By , September 16, 2014 11:14 am



Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce discussing kangaroo management at Mitchell Airport

Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce discussing kangaroo management at Mitchell Airport

George Wilson presented to the Agforce macropod committee in Charleville Qld with a view to the lobby organisation regarding the commercial use of kangaroos as less of a threat to their beef cattle enterprises. The theme was integrating kangaroo management into livestock production on pastoral lands, – managing total grazing pressure and enabling landholder benefit.

He participated in the meetings of the Maranoa Kangaroo Cooperative and briefed Barnaby Joyce and Joe Hockey on opportunities for more rational kangaroo management that delivered positive out comes for conservation during their brief visit to Mitchell Qld on 11 September.

Indigenous land management governance

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George Wilson discussed Indigenous land management governance issues with David Murray head of the government’s Financial Institutions Inquiry. Murray is proposing the establishment of investment guidelines to ensure that the estimated $10 billion asset base of Indigenous corporations is not squandered. They would be similar to sovereign wealth fund principles. George has been advocating mentoring support for Indigenous Directors and the greater application of science to complement traditional knowledge on indigenous lands which are 20% of Australia will 1.5 million hectares.