Australian Wildlife Services


Australian Wildlife Services is a wildlife management consultancy run out of Canberra.

Australian Wildlife Services is led by Dr George Wilson who has more than 35 years experience in wildlife management, strategic policy analysis, and research program management. Dr Wilson is also an Adjunct Professor at the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society.

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AWS has projects Australia wide and is active in:

Developing wildlife industries that aid conservation

Ecological monitoring and surveys

GIS mapping & remote sensing

Indigenous land management – integrating traditional knowledge and science

Advice on strategic research priorities

Veterinary wildlife services

Wildlife population assessment and habitat management

Aerial surveys

Wildlife-based ecotourism

Cybertracker App development and training

Development of carbon abatement projects

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Phone: + 61 – 2 – 6281 2160 Fax: + 61 – 2 – 6285 1885

To enquire or to describe a problem or issue we might be able to help you with, email us at aws@awt.com.au.

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